13 Top Benefits of Speed in Sports

"What happens when an athlete gets faster?"

No, this isn't a trick question. It's a question that is often asked, but often not answered. At first glance, it may seem obvious. However, there are a lot more benefits then what first meets the eye. Just a couple of these benefits can create a chain of positive responses and spirals. Whether they are psychological or physical benefits of speed, one positive result leads right into the next positive result. From constantly beating your opponent to improving your vertical jump, to becoming the star player, the advantages of speed are numerous.

Here are just a few of the top benefits often experienced from athletes who become fast.

Top Benefits of Speed:
  1.     You are less fatigued (because you run and move more efficiently).
  2.     Conditioning is not as difficult (because you get in shape sooner which improves the quality of your practice and your game).
  3.     You go for more plays (because you know you can get there).
  4.     You have more successful plays (because you go for quality shots because you CAN get there)
  5.     Your coach becomes more confident with you and calls on you more often (which further increases your success rate and your trust in yourself.)
  6.     Running becomes your secret weapon (because no one knows exactly how fast you are or exactly when you are going to use your speed.)
  7.     You often become the team leader - (the "go to" player.)
  8.     Your identity becomes "the fastest player on your team" (so your teammates feed you the ball more often, which further increases your success rate.)
  9.     Your opponents have to make adjustments to compete with you (so you become the one in control of the game)
  10.     You are given more respect -College/Pro Scouts notice you (because of the positive chain reaction that continues to spiral into more consistent successful results.)
  11.     Your coaches, teammates, and opponents vote you to all-star and all-league teams. (This, in turn, gives you more quality games, against the best competition, which increases your experience, which contributes to more and more great plays).
  12.     You develop an "I can do it" attitude. (You believe more things are possible on the sports field and in every day life.)
  13.     You have a better chance of getting a scholarship
When you get over the psychological hurdle, it is amazing how fast you can spiral into positive thoughts, which spirals into positive results, which bumps you up into still greater positive thoughts. Going for great achievements and getting great results becomes a way of natural and habitual positive thinking. It becomes a way of life that changes your life forever. And all because you took the time to get a little faster!

Good luck and "Be Well and Be Fast."

Kenneth Taylor is a SAQ pioneer and Sport Speed Expert who has trained thousands of professional, college and high school athletes for over 20 years. He holds a degree in Exercise Physiology and Sports Science. He was a world class triple jumper and played for the 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl XX team and the San Diego Chargers. He is also the author of SPEED: How to Run Faster Immediately. For more information on how to run faster or how to become a Speed Trainer, please visit

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