Clothing Needs For Incoming College Freshman!

Having reached an important point in an educational career, incoming college freshmen have important days ahead. Moving from home and into dorms or apartments can be both exciting and stressful as can facing a college curriculum at a new school with new people. Making friends and keeping good grades are two significant parts of college life, though this should be a fun time for students as well. A little bit of forethought with regards to clothing needs can help freshman stay comfortable and stylish without much effort.


For freshmen, the name of the game is easy clean, easy store and easy wear. Clothing that requires much storage or maintenance will not fare well between lack of dorm space and so many other things to worry about rather than having to take something to the cleaners or keep it pressed. Jeans are - and have been for ages - the most important college staple, seconded only by sweats or workout pants. Both of these are comfortable, durable and can go from dryer to drawer in seconds without any added work.

Ease and Comfort

As for tops, the ageless T-shirt can never be replaced, though the ways in which it is worn are subject to change. Whether worn loose or fitted, layered or alone, no college student's wardrobe is complete without several tees, to say the least. Along with them, a couple of hoodies for when the weather begins to chill, a comfortable pair of sneakers or similar shoes, and an endless supply of clean socks and underwear balance things out convenience-wise. With a few pairs of flannel or cotton PJ's rounding things out, it will be time to hit the books without concern about what to wear when the laundry has not yet been folded. A few minutes in a dryer can get the wrinkles out and any of the above items are ready to wear.


As for the times when a little more style is desired, having a few nice sweaters or cardigans around is recommended, both for a more tailored look and for ease of storage, care and wear. A few options besides jeans, such as khakis, slacks or other dress pants will be a great addition to a nice-looking sweater. Having a pair of dress shoes and possibly a pair of tall boots for the ladies can significantly change even the look of jeans, so these should not be left out. Lastly, students need to have a warm winter coat as well as some form of rain gear, whether a trendy, hooded slicker or cute rain boots and a matching umbrella.

Time and Space

It really does not take much to outfit a freshman with the required clothing as long as common sense and a little bit of creativity is used. With the right key garments, students can mix and match endlessly while keeping maintenance and precious storage space to a minimum. Additionally, by having a finite number of garments around, students will have to spend less time tending to wardrobes while having more time for more important activities.

There are at least one or two items that are a must for college freshman in order to become an integral part of the entire college experience. Whether it is a T-shirt, hoodie, or hat and scarf, students will want to pick up some type of collegiate clothing in their school colors, with the insignia or team mascot on them. Not only will the wearer feel comfortable and casual, it also provides the ability to more readily fit in with a new group of people, making it easy to partake in the college campus lifestyle and atmosphere!

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